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Created for the 1994 Global Art Project exchange.
Created for the 2012 exchange by Margot Slowick, Arlington, MA, USA.
"Angel" by Ben Martin, Student at Southbank Institute Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Created for the 2006 exchange.
“... The angel between the doves with his arms raised in praise symbolizes humans helping support the cause of world peace and better relationships between black and white people. This is my dream: that the world of the future will be one with no hate groups, where people of all cultures will stand strongly together and keep the earth healthy.” Ben Martin

Global Art Project Angel Corps

How it works: If a person or group hasn't heard from their GAP exchange partner by the end of June, they could contact us and we'll connect them with a group or individual in the Angel Corps who will send them artwork. People may register to participate in either the exchange, the Angel Corps…or both. Angel Corps participants are angels because they will create and send art, although they know they won't receive anything from the person or group to whom they're sending their art...it's purely an act of love and generosity.

To participate in the Angel Corps
, fill out a separate GAP registration form but write “Angel Corps” on it with a highlighter. We’ll contact you after June to let you know where to send your art. No fee is required to participate in the Angel Corps.

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