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Zakladni Skola Stary Kolin Students with the direction of teacher Kristyna Triskalova
Stary Kolin, Czech Republic

“Thank you - and congratulations - on another wonderful GAP in 2018!

“The Czech Republic participants really enjoyed working on and sending their art project. Stary Kolin Primary School is a small rural school located in the centre of the the Czech Republic in Stary Kolin, a picturesque small town about 1-1.5 hours from Prague.

“They have received an email from their partner school and are looking forward to receiving their partner's peace art.

“The teacher, Kristyna, has two small classes which we are combining into one. We're really excited to see what the students come up with - and they are excited to be the first participants from Czech Republic.”

“Sending you peace and joy across the miles,”
Suzana Gaal

Suzana is a Regional Coordinator for the Global Art Project for Peace. In the past she has organized groups to participate from her home in Sunbury, Australia. Since moving to Europe, she has organized participants in Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary.

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