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The Planet In Our Eyes
Andra-Alida Baban
Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania
"The Planet In Our Eyes"
(The colour of our skin is different but we all see the same WORLD: united through PEACE!)

What is my opinion about Global Art Project? Well it's the most wonderfull thing I ever did. You can't imagine how exciting is to finally know your match and share your own vision about global peace with that person. It's an unic chance for us to meet new people and send good thoughts for making the world the best place to live. Only the thought that you make an unconditional gift, and you work especially for someone you don't know gives you a very big satisfaction.
About my work, the painting represents a child, the simbol of the purity, which hopes for a united world and for a better one. He is the embodiment of all childrens of the world with all kinds of skin colour and colour of their eyes and hair.
I am one of those children and, like them I wish people would all be united through love and peace.
This is the first time I participate at GAP but I'll make sure that it will not be the last time.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity!!! With love and peace Andra (from Romania)

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